(The Paperboys / Traditional)
arr. The Paperboys
Bouzuoki and Vocals - Glyn Collinson
Guitar and Vocals - Rowena Gee

Bodhran - Toria Standfield
Recorded live in the living room of 41 Wyphurst Road, Cranleigh, Surrey, December

8th December 2009 - Download

Glyn Collinson
Posted 08/12/2009 - 18:24

The second recording from "the living room sessions". Again, it's taken on a dictaphone, so the sound quality isn't amazing. Both the song and the arrangement are lovingly covered from the album "Dilapidated Beauty" by one of my favourite bands, The Paperboys.

One thing I realised as I launched into the tune was that I really need to learn how to tube my Bouzouki to GDAD tuning, since I have to "improvise" around the fact that I can't hit one of the more traditional low notes in my usual ADAD tuning.... and how embarrased I'd probably be if the original authors ever heard this recording.