Quicksnaps Space: Above and Beyond Gigging Adventures

Space: Above and Beyond

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Stuff that's been there

Pictures of me in or with Space flight Hardware. I apologize in advance for the big goofy grin that spreads across my face whenever I am in proximity to Space-age relics.
Friendship 7, the first American capsule to orbit the Earth. 

(National Air and Space Museum)

When the Apollo 11 crew came back from the moon, they were held up inside this giant caravan, er I mean "Mobile Quarantine Facility" for a week, incase they had brought back some lunar virus. 

(National Air and Space Museum)

Me in the cockpit of an X-Wing Fighter from 'Star Wars'. 

(Private collection)

The tube in my hand is Yuri Gagarin's Coffee, from mankind's first space flight. Behind me is a flag that flew to the moon on Apollo 17, and just in frame to the right is a locker from the Odyssey, the ill fated Apollo 13 command module. 

(Private collection)


The closest thing you can get to riding a rocket without sitting atop a giant firework. Here are some photos from a gliding day summer 2003
Hooking on the launch cable for Kirk's flight
Launching Kirk's flight - I hold the wing and give signals to the winch operator with my other hand. The signal I am giving is 'take up the slack'.
Going through a Parachute drill before I get into the cockpit. You wear a parachute in a glider, mainly because it acts as a seat cushion. Thankfully, I didn't need to use it!
Strapped (tightly) into the cockpit, about to be flung into the heavens.
My launch, see how much my head is being pushed back from the acceleration!
After landing, I hold the wing up as the glider is towed back to the winch head.

Hot Air Ballooning:

A slow and gentle way to see the world. I've done flying with the University of Bristol Hot Air Ballooning society (BUHABS).
The basket. Note the banner on the side which is really helpful to break the ice after you've landed in some farmer's field. Because BUHABS is a non-profit organisation, the farmer doesn't get a free flight, but he does get a very stylish mug.
First the envelope is hooked up and inflated with cold air. This picture was taken, and then I got out of the way as the pilot opened up with the burners to heat the air up.
Waving goodbye to the recovery crew (I wasn't on this particular flight)
The giant city of Bristol in a summers evening.
Downtown Bristol